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FAQ - Inspire Food Company Wholesale

Bubble tea is blend of either iced or hot tea shaken or stirred with either fruit or milk. To top it off, you can choose to add either tapioca pearls or various flavors of fruit pearls to your drink to make it a bubble tea. Bubble tea can also be made with ice cream, or mixed with either fruit or syrup.

Bubble tea can be made in a limitless number of variants, and the bubbles deliver the  customer a unique experience - while also providing a great looking drink. The drink is usually served in a tall glass or a plastic takeaway cup, but can also be in other containers. Extra wide straws are frequently used so that the bubbles can be slurped.

THE INSPIRE FOOD COMPANY consists of two platforms, namely:

Regular Webshop:

This webshop is usually used by customers who place smaller or medium-sized orders, ordering less than €1000 worth of product. On this webshop, it is possible to buy items per piece.

Wholesale Store (B2B):

The wholesale webshop is mostly used by customers placing large orders, and provides discounted pricing. It only offer pallet shipments, and the products can only be bought per box.

  • Shipping: We recommend a minimum order value of €1000.00.
  • Pick-up shipping: We recommend a minimum order value of €500.00. The order can be picked up from us in Utrecht, Netherlands 24 hours after receipt of payment.  

For end-user buyers who just want to purchase small quantities of items for themselves, the Bubble Tea Fun Shop ( is also a great solution.

Our products are made in either Europe, or in Taiwan - the place where bubble tea originally comes from. We try to source products in the most sustainable and high quality way. We always make sure we can deliver the freshest best quality bubble tea products.

We do not currently have a physical shop or bubble tea shop where you can buy our products. We are primarily a distributor that sells the full range of bubble tea products to both business and private customers.

Yes - on our website you can find everything from A to Z to start a bubble tea business. We offer all the ingredients, as well as the necessary accessories and machines. If you have any questions about the best items for your business, you can use the live chat on our website or email

We normally do not offer samples, however if you have specific needs or requests to try for your business then please reach out to us. You can also order individual items on to try out.

The stock on our website is always up to date and we do our best to keep our stock up to date. Unfortunately, it may happen that a product is sold out. Should you wish to purchase a product that has been sold out, please contact us at">, and we will try to help you in any way that we can, or advise when your requested product is available.

Unfortunately it is not possible to make an appointment to visit us. We do not have a showroom or physical bubble tea shop. We are able to help all our customers via phone, email, and our website chat function. 

We currently ship our products to: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, SanMarino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain & Sweden. 

We also sell via our Amazon store to a variety of locations, including the United States.

If your country is not listed here, please let us know at We will then look at the possibilities.

For our wholesale shop, we send out the products by truck pallets to your location. On our Online Shop, we can ship by UPS or other method for smaller orders.
Yes - for wholesale orders, you have the option of picking up your orders at our warehouse in The Netherlands. Please contact our team to arrange this.
We always work to prepare your orders as fast as is possible. Usually the orders can be ready for shipment soon after the order is placed. The delivery time depends on the location of your delivery address. Please contact us for specific inquiries based on your location and situation.
Shipping costs are calculated based on the rates of the delivery, which varies based on the weight of product and location. Alternatively, you can arrange pickup at our Netherlands warehouse for no additional shipping cost.

On our website, we have estimated expiration dates for all expiry products listed. In these cases, the date shown there should be the soonest expiration date, which you may receive items with later dates. This is to ensure the most transparency possible. 

We always strive to have the most accurate dates possible, but occasionally it is possible they could vary from the website ones, due to lagging information. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues upon reciept of your order.

No - our fruit boba are ready to eat right out of the container! This makes it a great product for businesses, as you don't need to do anything for them.

It is best to store the fruit boba pearls in a cool and shaded area. They don't need to be refridgerated before opening.

Upon opening, it is best to keep the fruit boba refridgerated if possible. It is recommended to use the opened fruit pearls within 7 days after opening them.

We recommend using the tapioca within a few days. This way, you avoid wasting it. Storing it longer will reduce the quality of the tapioca. 

Bubble tea is perfect for a: Bubble Tea Shop, Coffee Shop, Snack Shop, Restaurant, Smoothie Shop, Juice Bar, Ice Cream Parlour, Snack Bar, Donut Shops, and elsewhere. In addition, it can be great for supermarkets and other retail locations. You can easily sell bubble tea as a side product in your shop!